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Frequently Asked Questions

What level do I need to be riding at to do Silver Spurs?

As a rough guideline:

Under 12s need to be capable of riding an easy Preliminary test.

Pony riders should be able to do all the above but they should also be developing feel for rhythm and suppleness and an understanding of how this will help to develop the athleticism of the pony.

Junior riders should be capable of riding a Novice test.

Under 25 riders Elementary level and * Horse Eventing.

Open Under 25 Medium dressage and above and ** Horse Eventing.

Can I enter more than once?

Since the assessment lesson gives the assessor the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into your riding abilities, attending more than one assessment day will not be particularly advantageous.

We understand that both horses and riders can have off-days and for this reason we are not ruling out entering more than once.

However, priority will always be given to riders who have not yet entered.

Can I bring more than one horse?

Similar to the last question, priority will always be given to riders who have not yet entered.

If you are lucky enough to be assessed on more than one horse/pony and are graded in the top 25% on both, you will have to choose which one you bring to the semi-finals.

If you enter the Open Under 25 section on an experienced mount and one of the other sections on a youngster and are graded in the top 25% on both, you will have to choose which one you will bring to the semi-final.

Riders may apply for assessment on more than one horse/pony on the same day.

The application will be accepted, but you will only be given a time for your second horse/pony once all other ‘single’ applications have been processed.

When applying for two asessments you should state which horse/pony is your priority.

If both receive qualifying scores you will only be allowed to ride one at the semi finals.

I am a very tall twelve year old – do I have to ride a pony?

No, you can ride a horse but you will have to enter the Junior section or the Under 25 section.

I am a small seventeen year old – can I ride a pony?

A rider who is sixteen or over and mounted on a pony can participate in the Under 25 section.

Can I bring a four year old?

No, horses and ponies must be at least five years old and should be well behaved.

We reserve the right to ask a rider to leave if we feel their horse or pony is behaving in an unsafe way.

Can I lunge my horse/pony before my lesson?

Only if there is a safe enclosed space at your venue.

You may not lunge in the arena we are using for lessons.

We cannot guarantee that there will be a second arena available to us, so the best thing to do is phone the venue and see if there is anywhere you can lunge.

How will I know if I will be going to the semi-final day?

We will keep a leader board on this website so you can see how you are doing.

We will also write to those who will be going forward to the semi-finals.

Where do I get the tests for the semi-final day?

They will be sent to you.