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Niamh Moran - 2011 HSI Silver Spurs Junior Bursary Winner

Niamh Moran training in Holland on a 5 year old KWPN mare called Tina

2011 HSI Silver Spurs Junior Bursary Winner Niamh Moran tells us a little about who she is and what her plans are for the future.


I’m Niamh Moran and I’m 18 years old.

How many horses are you currently working with? Tell us a little bit about them.

At the moment I am training in Holland in a dressage yard. Everyday I ride Cohiba and Chianti who are 5y.o. very green mares. Cohiba is a half sister to Edward Gaal's horse Sisther de Jeu so she will be lovely and Chianti is also very promising. I also ride Allard who is a 6y.o. learning his changes. With me here I also have my mare CJ who is 8y.o. and coming along really well. She is an Irish Sport Horse bred for eventing but really taking a shine to dressage.

When Did You Start Riding?

I have been riding all my life basically. Sat on my first horse at about 8 weeks old I think!

How did you get into Dressage?

I always did Pony Club Eventing until I got a 14.2hh pony when I was 11 from a girl of 17 who rode her from the hand so I had to do a tonne of flat work with her so I could jump any way decent. Long story short, I found my love for dressage.

What level do you currently ride at?

My mare was competing at Elementary level before I came to Holland and now she is training Medium/Advanced Medium. The highest level I ride schooling on a daily basis is PSG and I'm loving every minute of it!

What are your plans for the future?

The Olympics are of course a major ambition of mine. So many people say that and I think it's good to have something so major to aim for. That's the distant future. For the near future I'd hope to compete my mare to Inter II / Grand Prix within the next year and I'll take it from there.

What is your biggest achievement to date?

One of my major achievements to date would be bringing my mare on since she was a 4y.o. with very little help and just going by my experience.

I have also qualified for and been placed at National Championships and also in Silver Spurs 2011 I made it through to the ride off and in the heat of the moment I had to take the ride on my young horse as my mare fell lame. It was a huge achievement as I had such a quick change.


I have a few. My trainer in Ireland is Ruth Chadwick as she started off in a riding school and has worked herself really hard and now she is one of the most polished riders in Ireland and I respect that.

Another is my Dutch trainer Ron. He is so so tough on us but oh my god he is amazing! He is a builder by trade and it just goes to show that having a qualification isn't everything!

If you could have any horse on the Dressage circuit which one would it be?

Ooooh, I love Uthopia (Carl Hester's horse). He just floats along and all of his movements just seem effortless! He seems very willing too!

Back in his day I would have chosen Bonfire (Anky van Grunsven). I could watch videos of him all day long and never get bored. He was flawless.

What You Like To Do When Your Not Riding?

I love listening to music and seeing my friends :)

—Naomi Donoghue

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