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Notes for Trainers and Parents

Preparation for the Assessment Day

Encourage your riders to look on it as a chance for a lesson with a top trainer rather than a competition day. Encourage all riders, and particularly those who are not from a dressage background, to approach the day with an open mind and to be willing to take on board any suggestions the trainer may make.

Our trainer/assessor is happy to teach all levels so all riders should have a positive experience on the day.

The score sheet which will be used at the assessment day is:

Position 10
Effectiveness 10
Trainability 10

The Scale of Marks is as follows:

10 Exceptional ability
9 High level of ability
8 Areas of ability
7 Ability with some weaknesses
6 More than one obvious weakness
5 Weaknesses that need addressing
4 Tactless riding

Riders will receive a feedback sheet and their marks after their lesson. The riders will have ample opportunity to give and receive feedback during their lesson.

Riders should be encouraged to ask questions!

Day 1 of the Finals

This will follow a similar format to previous years, with two arenas running side by side and tests going on in each. However, instead of dressage tests, we will be using BYRDS (British Young Riders Dressage Scheme) rider assessment tests and our own Rider Tests Score Sheet, which has been adapted from the BYRDS sheet for our use. We will not have a master judge sitting in the middle as the judges in both arenas will be using the Silver Spurs Rider Test sheets and scoring system.

The Under 12 riders will be asked to perform two of the easier BD Preliminary tests.

Day 2 of the Finals

We are keen to keep the Ride-Off format that has long been associated with the Silver Spurs. We felt it is unsafe for the younger children to be swapping mounts and it may not be feasible in the Open Under 25 section to swap mounts, due to the wide range of size in riders and horses/ponies. This will be decided when the entries for the semi finals are confirmed. However, we want to continue this tradition in the Pony, Junior and Under 25 section. Therefore, the top three riders in the Pony, Junior and Under 25 section will have the Ride-Off to determine 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

We want to emphasise that the top three are all winners – they will all receive the same bursary! The Ride-Off is about fun, although we know that everyone really wants that red rosette!

The only way to prepare for the Ride-Off is to ride as many horses and ponies as possible, ideally under instruction.

Good Luck to everyone!